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Welcome to the RA Ski & Snowboarding Club Web Site - "More Than Just a Ski Club"

RA Ski is a non-profit ski club, run by volunteers, and operating since 1967.   RA Ski organizes a variety of cross-country, downhill ski and snowshoe outings, as well as social and other events throughout the entire year, including hiking, biking, theatre, and golfing.  The ski club is one of many activities associated with Ottawa's RA Centre. For more information about the RA Ski Club, please visit the FAQ page.

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    The infinite number of slopes and ski trails coupled with the perfect grooming of not less than 145 km of slopes, and 33 state-of-the-art ski lifts and gondolas, make Sölden a truly unique winter sports center.  Seven nights in Sölden and one in Munich, including an afternoon walking tour of central Munich.

  • 2-DAY XC / SNOWSHOE / DH WEEKEND - MONT TREMBLANT     Fri. - Sun. Feb. 10-12, 2017
    Staying Le Grand Lodge.  Direct access to intermediate cross-country trails at Domaine St-Bernard, and a short drive away from beginner cross-country trails of the Domaine and Mont Tremblant.  100 km of cross-country trails, plus good snowshoe trails.  Downhillers are also welcome, and can ski at Tremblant, with a free shuttle bus from the hotel.
  • 3-DAY DH / XC / SNOWSHOE WEEKEND - MONT STE-ANNE / LE MASSIF      Fri. - Mon. Feb. 24-27, 2017
    Combined cross-country/downhill/snowshoe weekend. Staying slopeside at Chateau Mont Ste-Anne.  Downhill: 2 days at Mont Ste-Anne, and one day at Le Massif.  Cross-country: 3 days at Mont Ste-Anne cross-country ski centre, with 200 km of trails. 


Hiking: Tues.Sept. 6: Urban hike - Mud Lake
Meet: 9:15 a.m. in the RA west wing lobby for departure at 9:30, or meet at 10:00 am at the Ron Kolbus Centre (Britannia Park), but if you meet there, contact the trip leader in advance (Maureen Adamache, e-mail: hikes-2017{at}

Hiking: Sat. Sept. 10 - Tour of Beechwood Cemetary
Meet: 10:00 am in the parking lot of the Beechwood National Memorial Centre, just off the Beechwood Avenue entrance.
Tour is rain or shine, and is a 90-minute walk given by trained volunteers. The stroll focuses on local history and notable features within this National Historic Site.  Tour is free.  Leader: Chuck Bain


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Photos from our weeklong trips:
  Aug. 2016: Portillo, Chile  |  2016: Trois Vallees, France         |  Aug. 2015: Portillo, Chile   |  2015: Morzine, France          |  2014: St Anton, Austria
  Aug. 2013: Portillo, Chile  |  2013: Grindelwald, Switzerland  |  Aug. 2012: Portillo, Chile   |  2012: Winter Park, Colorado


2016-08 golfing Glen - Inca Lake_1 Runs - Juncalillo_2
  Aug. 28 - Golfing at Pineview            Aug. 2016 - Skiing at  Portillo, Chile                          Aug. 2016 - Juncalillo run at Portillo, Chile

Click here. This is a big file as we had a lot of events, so it will take a few minutes to download. It's PDf format, so just scroll down.


For the Gatineau Park XC ski conditions, click here.
For the Gatineau Park XC trail map, click here.

Videos: How to XC Ski
We've put links to nine short teaching video on our XC page of the RA Ski website.  These excellent videos were made by Keith Nicol, a level 4 XC ski instructor.  Click on our XC page.

XC Trip Leader Responsibilities & XC Sign-in Sheet   
For the XC sign-in sheet, click here.
For the XC trip leader responsibilities click here.


Downhill Sign-in Sheet   
For the DH sign-in sheet, click here.

My Helmet Saved Me!

Portillo 2013 - Wear a helmet
The RA Ski Club strongly recommends that downhill skiers wear a helmet.  Read the story here.

Downhill Safety Tips

  1. Always wear a helmet. (See above.) A helmet protects your brain. (You don't have a spare.) Plus a helmet keeps your head and your ears warm.
  2. Before heading downhill, look uphill to make sure no one is coming.
  3. When skiing downhill, don't ski right to the edge of the trail.  Leave enough space for a skier to pass you between you and the edge.


Sorry, snowshoeing is over till next winter.

SOCIAL NEWS - Hiking, Biking, ...

Biking Safety Rules
For our guidelines on biking safely, click here.


The November 2015 Winter Program Guide, containing our whole Winter 2015-16 program, is now available for download.
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Golf Tournament Sun Aug 28,16 

Trip Type: Other
Eleven of us signed up for our golf outing on Sunday, the 28th of August. The weather was somewhat cloudy, very hot and humid but we hoped to finish our planned 18 holes before the skies opened up. It was all going well, people were getting some really good shots, and despite the heat, we were enjoying ourselves. Along the way, we had the opportunity to see a coyote inspecting the fairway, taking absolutely no notice of us or our balls flying by. Our group lost several balls in long grasses or bushes but we also found as many if not more than we lost. At the 9th hole, there was a rumble or two of thunder and threatening clouds heading our way but we thought we would tee off and hope to at least finish that hole. The other two groups had already moved on to other holes. But the storm reached us much sooner than we thought. We had no clue how to get back to the club house, there were no maps anywhere, not even on the score cards. One person in our group gave up on the ninth and followed another golfer to the club house. The other three decided to finish quickly but by the time we did, lightning was on all sides and thunder claps were startling this golfer who couldn't help but scream at every clap of thunder more in surprise than anything else. Luckily we had a techie golfer in our group who hauled out his phone and got Google maps going in order to lead us to the club house as quickly as possible while the rains came down hard soaking us to the bone. We all made it safely, went in to get rain checks, a very appropriate term in this case and these will allow us another day of golfing 9 holes in the future. From there we loaded our gear and made it across the street to the pub for refreshments and just as we got there, the sun came out briefly. Prizes were awarded to all participants, with special ones for the winning and the losing team. I'm sure the winners will be contacted by the PGA to compete against some of the world's best golfers! Meanwhile stay tuned for another chance to play nine holes again in the near future and we will be pleased to accommodate anyone who wasn't able to enjoy a round of golf with us on Sunday in addition to those of us who need to use our rain-check. Organizer: Doris Dallaire

August 10 2016 Biking the Long Sault Parkway Sun Aug 14,16 

Trip Type: Other
Due to the hot weather, this could be considered a biathlon since we spent as much time swimming and enjoying the beaches along the St Lawrence as biking the Waterfront Trail. Six ski club members met at the RA where we organized rides, meeting Roger at our destination in Ingleside. Once there we took a few minutes at the house to change and fill water bottles before heading out. Our first stop along the trail was Philpotts Island were the old highway 2 disappears into the river. We had fun walking along the road until we were swimming. Next was the interpretive centre at lock 21, then on to Mille Roches beach for lunch under the trees and more swimming. We decided that the extra 10 km to the Lost Villages museum and back would have to wait for a cooler day. Once back at 50 St Lawrence, we enjoyed drinks and a light meal before saying goodbye. I very much enjoyed having the club members visit my home and thank you all for making the trip. Cathy McGregor

Upcoming Events

List of events for the next month. Click on the event for more info. Events marked updated have been changed in the past 7 days.

Tue, Sep 6,16
Urban Hike - Mud Lake 

Sat, Sep 10,16
Tour of Beechword Cemetary 

Tue, Sep 13,16
Easy Hike. Lauriault/Waterfall trails, Mackenzie King Estate 

Sat, Sep 17,16
Intermediate Hike - Etienne Brule Lookout to Ramparts 

Wed, Sep 21,16
Weeklong Information Session and pub night 

Thu, Sep 22,16
Intermediate Hike - Keogan to Western 

Sat, Sep 24,16
Bike ride - RA to Moussette Park 

Sun, Sep 25,16
Intermediate Hike - King Mountain 

Tue, Sep 27,16
Intermediate Hike - Pink Lake 

Wed, Sep 28,16
Weeklong - Document finalization session and pub night 

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