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Welcome to the RA Ski & Snowboarding Club Web Site - "More Than Just a Ski Club"

RA Ski is a non-profit ski club, run by volunteers, and operating since 1967.   RA Ski organizes a variety of cross-country, downhill ski and snowshoe outings, as well as social and other events throughout the entire year, including hiking, biking, theatre, and golfing.  The ski club is one of many activities associated with Ottawa's RA Centre. For more information about the RA Ski Club, please visit the FAQ page.

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Jan. 27 – Feb. 5, 2017
The infinite number of slopes and ski trails for all levels and abilities coupled with the perfect grooming of not less than 145 km of slopes, and 33 state-of-the-art ski lifts and gondolas, make Sölden a truly unique winter sports center.  Skiing enthusiasts can ski uninterruptedly from the village of Sölden up to the glaciers at the elevation of 3,250 m;  with a total length of 15.0 km the ski route from Schwarze Schneide at Rettenbach Glacier is the region's longest ski trail featuring nearly 2,000 m elevation change.

We’ll be spending seven nights in Sölden and one in Munich, including an afternoon walking tour of central Munich. Breakfasts and multi-course dinners are included. Stay tuned…  Options, details, and prices (and the new Registration process!) should be finalized and published in mid- to late-July.

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Cycling:  Wed. June 29 - Bate Island to Les Brasseurs du Temps pub
Bate Island under the Champlain Bridge at 9:45 a.m. for departure at 10:00.
We'll bike to Lac Leamy then stop at les Brasseurs du Temps pub for lunch.  BDT brews their own beer, and is also the site of an interesting beer musem, which describes the seemy side of Hull during the 1930's.  Lunch costs are typically $20-25 including a beer,  tax and tip.  23 km round trip on a flat bike path.  Leader: Glen Campbell.

Social:  Wed. June 22 - Ottawa Champions baseball
6:45 p.m. outside the ticket office at RCGT Park (formerly Lynx stadium) on Coventry just east of the Vanier Parkway.  Game time is 7:00.  Bob Cavan can get us tickets for $9.  He will be the tall guy wearing an Expos cap just outside the ticket booth.  Open seating so we'll find a place to sit as a group.  Join us to watch the Champions take on Trois Riviere.

We've made a slide show of our all our ski and non-ski activities for the 2015-2016 year.
Click here. This is a big file as we had a lot of events, so it will take a few minutes to download. It's PDf format, so just scroll down.


To see all our photos, click here
To see the photo larger, double-click on it, then click on the down arrow on the lower-right, then click on "View all sizes."
    2016: Trois Vallees, France
    Aug. 2015: Portillo, Chile 2015: Morzine, France 2014: St Anton, Austria
    Aug. 2013: Portillo, Chile 2013: Grindelwald, Switzerland Aug. 2012: Portillo, Chile
    2012: Winter Park, Colorado


June 2016 Aylmer - RA cyclists_1 June 2016 Aylmer - Group photo June 2016 Aylmer - At the rapids
   June 18/16 - Cycling to Aylmer                                    June 18 Aylmer - group photo                                June 18 Aylmer - At the rapids

Jan. 29 - Feb. 6, 2016   $2569    
The Registration Package, containing full information, is available here.

For the Gatineau Park XC ski conditions, click here.
For the Gatineau Park XC trail map, click here.

Videos: How to XC Ski
We've put links to nine short teaching video on our XC page of the RA Ski website.  These excellent videos were made by Keith Nicol, a level 4 XC ski instructor.  Click on our XC page.

XC Trip Leader Responsibilities & XC Sign-in Sheet   
For the XC sign-in sheet, click here.
For the XC trip leader responsibilities click here.


Downhill Sign-in Sheet   
For the DH sign-in sheet, click here.

My Helmet Saved Me!

Portillo 2013 - Wear a helmet
The RA Ski Club strongly recommends that downhill skiers wear a helmet.  Read the story here.

Downhill Safety Tips

  1. Always wear a helmet. (See above.) A helmet protects your brain. (You don't have a spare.) Plus a helmet keeps your head and your ears warm.
  2. Before heading downhill, look uphill to make sure no one is coming.
  3. When skiing downhill, don't ski right to the edge of the trail.  Leave enough space for a skier to pass you between you and the edge.


Sorry, snowshoeing is over till next winter.

SOCIAL NEWS - Hiking, Biking, ...

Biking Safety Rules
For our guidelines on biking safely, click here. Email:   weeklong_2015{at}


The November 2015 Winter Program Guide, containing our whole Winter 2015-16 program, is now available for download.
Click here.

This file may take a couple of minutes to download - so please be patient.
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Trip Type: Cycle
Despite the weather being hot and sunny, eleven of us met at Moussette Park in Gatineau to cycle to the Aylmer Marina and a bit beyond. On our way there, it was shaded much of the way and felt nice and cool. We made several stops to take a drink of water and it was not a race to get to the Marina. Once there we found a lovely table in the shade near the water and could take a rest. Several were keen to continue on to the end of the road to see the lovely homes along the river while some decided to just enjoy sitting in the shade and socializing. After our lunch and snacks, we all headed back to Moussette Park again stopping several times for water because by now it was getting really hot and with the sun being higher, there was less chance of shade. We stopped at one of the little side roads that lead to the water and walked down to the edge to observe several geese and their offsprings leisurely swimming. Then a fisherman in a boat appeared from behind a little island and we watched with envy as he drifted along sitting in the shade of a patio umbrella attached to his boat, waiting for the fish to bite. It seemed idylic at this point of our journey! Everyone enjoyed the outing and the chance to see ski and snowshoe friends again. Trip Leader: Doris Dallaire

Cycling Trip Report - Bate Island to Shirley's Bay Sat May 28,16 

Trip Type: Cycle
Because of the running of the Ottawa Marathon on Sunday the 29th of May, the RASki bike ride scheduled for that day was moved ahead one day and today was it. All week long rain and high temperatures had been forecast for the weekend so I, as trip leader, had been on edge for days wondering whether to go or to cancel. I suppose I should have paid more attention to Alfred E. Newman when I was growing up and followed his advice, which was, "What, me worry".

Although warm, starting from the Champlain Bridge at Bate Island and riding by the Ottawa River, the ride was quite comfortable with not a hint of rain, no wind to fight, and no runners to squish. Eleven participants came out. As this was the first major ride for some of us, three people said they might not go the whole way. Well, they blew it. Everybody made it to Shirley's Bay with some of us remarking that it didn't seem all that far after all.

Lunch was had in the cool shade of the gazebo where friendships were renewed as many had not seen each other since the ski season ended. All very nice, but there was more to come. By prior invitation we all stopped for a garden social at Maureen's home in Britannia where we were treated to snacks, -ades and ales. Oh but life is tough. Continuing on to the end, some cutting out to take the short route home, the rest of us arrived back at our start point, happy that we had ignored the weatherman and made the effort to join in. Thanks for coming everybody.

Trip leader: Roger Duffy

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Tue, Jul 12,16
Bike ride to Petrie Island 

Sat, Jul 23,16
Ride to Lac Leamy 

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